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Bono Consulting

"Bono Consulting Civil Engineers is a Professional Engineering Firm licensed in the State of Illinois. The firm was founded in 1997 to provide civil engineering design, surveying and construction oversight consulting services. We have successfully completed over 3,400 projects. We are prequalified with both IDOT and the Capital Development Board."
Bono Consulting

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Lawrence Eye Care

"A family eye care with over 30 years of experience, we will take care of your eyes first. With licensed optometrists available 6 days a week, new technological equipment, and glasses usually made in 1 hour, Lawrence Eye Care welcomes you to an excellent experience for your vision needs."
-Lawrence Eye Care

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Inter Auto Glass

"We have been in business for eighteen years. It started as a small operation servicing auto body shops. Soon the good word came out and people started hearing about Inter Auto Glass. What started with one truck and one employee has grown to a company that is well known in Chicago."
-Inter Auto Glass

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Studio Fitness

Studio Fitness is a local personal fitness training studio located in Park Ridge. The studio is owned by Michael Gaggiano who has been training people for many years now. "Studio Fitness is a private personal training studio that focuses on one thing - getting you results! Our studio is modern, fresh, upbeat, and staffed with experienced personal trainers who practice what they preach. We take great pride in taking care of our clients and showing them the healthiest and most efficient ways in reaching their fitness goals."
-Michael Gaggiano

One of my main goals in developing this site was to organically increase the Search Engine Optimization of the site to help the listings of the website show up higher on large search engines.

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BBright Light, LLC.

"BBL Electrical Supply is a full line electrical distributor with extensive selections of brands from top manufacturers to meet all of your electrical needs. We focus on personalized service driven vision, striving to deliver value, service, and results on a consistent basis for all of our customers."
-BBright Light

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Workur is a rich web application that functions as a tool for employers to easily centralize their scheduling needs. This applcation allows for a single, synchronized location for all schedules to be shared and viewed. Along with managing schedules, Workur also allows the sharing and organizing of vacancies and availabilities within a scheduling enviroment - you can even link multiple schedules together for an even greater dynamic.

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207class.org is a web application that was created with teachers and students in mind. The application allows students and teachers to easily collaborate with each other. Teachers, in a straightfoward and user friendly system, manage their classes and students, using many different tools and resources to connect with their students - tools such as: batch emailing, class blog, and an feature-rich assignment/file system.

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Fullerton Ave Association Inc.

This website is the homepage and resource site for the Fullerton Ave Association Inc. On this site you can find many rules and regulations, contact info, and many other forms that are helpful as a resident at King Arthur Court. Along with site development, content management and branding services are provided.

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Ark Spark Electric

The business site of the Ark Spark Electric company. Find a list of services, picture gallery, contact info, information about the company, and a request a quote page on this informational business site. This company provides a wide range of electrical services and they specialize in generator installations.

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Skills USA 2011

National Skills and Leadership Conference

This is the final design for the 2011 Web Design competition in the National SkillsUSA Skills and Leadership Conference, 2011 that took place in Kansas City, MO. The competiton was a series of challenges that measured the competitors level of understanding and skill with web design and also the professional aspects that come along with the experience. This design won 4th place out of the nation.

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Northlake House

A promotional site for the newly built house located on 10622 Altgeld Ave., Northlake, IL. This site served as an informational and promotional site at the time in which the builder was planning on selling/ renting the property. The site features a simple gallery of the house's interior and exterior, contact info, and a Google map for location viewing.

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King Arthur Court Apartments

A promotional site for the apartments found at King Arthur Court. This [early] design is a site in which people can find information about what kind of apartments can be rented/bought at the beautiful apartment complex that is known as King Arthur Court. The pictures found on the site were taken for the client.

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